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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policies For Your Outsourcing Needs

Top Outsourcing India believes in quality assurance and comprehensive support along with a distinct methodology of privacy that will help your outsourcing priorities remain in safe hands. We comply with the outsourcing code of conducts and assure you of a delivery model that is determined by astute measures of privacy as far as information sharing is concerned.

Our main objective will be to work as a partner and an extension of your department in the house with our dedicated team who are well adhered to the principles of privacy and securing information with propriety. It will be our prime responsibility to protect your data and provide a comprehensive privacy principle along with competent technology platforms with assurance.

Our process with privacy policy

Our primary objective will be to reduce any lapses of accounting and finance data security and proper detection of the root cause with an example. Our expert of IT is well ahead of providing the perfect assistance in this case and will help you with complete privacy of your data.

  • We will sign the necessary NDA and confidentiality documents that you might need as per industry norms.
  • Our processes work on a three tier basis with proper prevention as well as detection and response in a rapid manner
  • Security systems and surveillance centers of the highest technical acumen will encompass all the needs of the clients
  • Complete adherence to cyber crime legislation as well as enhanced security of information technology
  • Privacy measures for data are secured with processes that are stringent and handled with redundancy
  • No use of drives of external nature during operations and strict action for any duplication of data
  • Strong deterrence to any potential misuse of network or lapses in security of data
  • Comprehensive scanning of the servers for testing on penetration
We will go any stretch to protect the good will of our organization as well as your security needs and bottom line approaches and our policies on privacy will be the key factor for any business transactions.