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February, 2016

What Works Best for Startups: Outsourcing Vs. In-house

outsourcing vs in-house

Entrepreneurs have a gamut of functions to perform, during the early stages of their startup. The sight of their vision transforming into reality is inevitably one of the happiest occasions for them with outsourcing services in India. If you happen to be among those passionate entrepreneurs, you will surely understand the importance of taking your […]

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Software Development Outsourcing: 10 Do’s and Dont’s


Often outsourcing is associated with cheaper offshore solutions. But it’s not the case every time. Offshore outsourcing of software development works if you are looking for more skilled, experienced and dedicated software developers team to complete your project as per schedule. The discussion on whether software development work should be outsourced or not is endless. […]

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Audio Conferencing Trends And The Role Of Transcription Services

Conference Transcription Services

Are you conducting conference meetings regularly? And do you transcribe your digital audio recording of the conference calls? Or meeting? Or discussions? Just like conferences and events, it is very important to meet expectations of each client as they may have different expectations and requirements. Providing an in-hand copy of question & answer sessions, conferences, […]

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