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More Co-Founders Vs Outsourcing. Which Works Best?


The business world is rapidly evolving with every passing day. Today the arrival of technology platforms and its varied manifestations are fast giving rise to startups as well as companies who are providing services of outsourcing to companies on a global level. While there are still a lot of inhibitions among companies for choosing the right vendor as well as solution provider who can match their expectations.

Companies today cannot deny the cost effective measures that outsourcing forms are providing. Research shows that top tech companies who are looking for vendors are also firmly in favor of outsourcing that provides them lucrative benefits apart from comprehensive data security and flexible working patterns in place.

The role of co-founders have also been of high eminence these days. Companies are also looking for strategic visions with technical acumen who can take forward the companies objectives in true spirits. However, it is important to note that having the same camaraderie especially in trying times leaves a lot to be desired.

Sharing Same Vision

Also it might happen that the person may lack the same intent and vision for promoting the company?s vision in best proportions.

  • If they have a skillset that is complementary to your objectives, they are sure to bring value to your business and also positive returns in the long run.
  • However, it is important to note that advisory and consulting roles can be more assuming for them than a one on one operational role that needs a more intuitive operational faculties and core specialities that you are sure to get in outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing also comes with its own set of disadvantages that can be associated with trust and credibility in the first level. Most of the times the work is done on a remote basis with sharing and transfer of information.

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Disaster Management: Is it really an issue?

Serious fraud or theft is also a major concern for corporations globally who are looking for more transparency in the functioning of business and want the work to be done offshore as an extension of their business arm.

  • Co-founders are often business partners and have the periphery that provides the needed coherence and communication that helps businesses function appropriately.
  • However, in this world of rapid technological evolution having a taboo can be a big setback for any company who is looking to revamp their operational efficacy to best proportions.
  • Today, some of the biggest brands in the corporate world are outsourcing vendors. Other than providing their brand value as well as position in the market as credible vendor, they also complement the business entities with their special skill set and robust infrastructure.
  • It provides not only quality communication but also a business function and productivity that is truly professional in all regards.

State of the Art Infrastructure

  • Especially in the startup segment these days, when you need the competitive advantage and perspective of a neutral nature that will help you get access to leading developers and designers, it is a blessing in disguise in outsourcing.
  • Co-founders may have rich source of experience but working with different clients irrespective of industry and best practices gives the vendors in outsourcing a different edge as a strategic partner for companies.
  • At the end we can all say that with the rapid growth acceleration that is taking place both the models of business can function complementing each other. However, outsourcing will have an extra edge with their specialized skill set that they are out on offer.
  • Lastly no one can deny the competitive market of service vendors in outsourcing from where you can choose and more importantly trust a credible resource after suitable consideration of several factors.

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