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11 Business Process Outsourcing Trends for 2016

Business Process Outsourcing

Many companies today run with support from the outsourcing firms. Outsourcing comes as the best solution in case your business has an inflexible operational mode. For a company offering varied services, the primary concern is outsourcing, as it affects the achievement of its long-term goals. The following discussion deals with the major outsourcing trends you might see in the current year.

Gain Long Term Edge

Outsourcing is no longer seen solely as a cost-saving method but as a quality service provider. The buyers of outsourcing services expect better quality of service to outdo their competitors. Offering a lower cost, may not be enough to win you a deal. Giving result-driven outcomes would. It is likely that there will be a demand for skilled resources on an hourly billing system.

A Better Price- value Ratio

A bpo outsourcing india that offers improved quality of services, in short delivery cycles, and access the best talents, are the ones that will be in demand. Of course, all this must be available at a reasonable cost. The price-value ratio of your service will make a big difference if you are looking for customers.

Innovation Is In Demand

The ever-changing world of technology is throwing up demands for innovative techniques and methods for doing work. To be profitable and acquire credibility as a service provider, you need to weave in innovation in your solutions. Customized and innovative solutions can gain you access to that captive market, seeking outsourcing companies that meet their specific needs.

Short-term Contracts

Flexibility is the keyword, for buyers who hire logistics business process outsourcing firms. Buyers are likely to offer parts of a job to different companies, on the basis of domain expertise. This means that a company cannot expect to get a large contract from a buyer. The BPO industry should get ready to work for many businesses on a smaller and short term contract model.

Creative Contract Structure

With the short term contract model gaining ground, the client has multiple threats to deal with, and the failure of a vendor to deliver affects the total delivery. This will push the providers to offer mega-sized multi-year outsourcing deals. Companies with domain expertise can get big contracts, through this system. Creating a contract that provides brownie points to both the buyer and the provider, works best.

Transportation Solutions

Transportation of goods is a service that has a crucial role in the modern globalized economy. Hiring a company offering transportation outsourcing solutions is a necessity to increase the reach of various products, in different parts of the country. Buyers seek firms offering flexible outsourcing location points. A transportation company should be ready to provide shipment services at home, on-site, off-site, outside the city and within the city, and far shore if required by the clients.

Centralized Operations

More and more companies are looking for a centralized service delivery system. The multinational corporations are looking at insurance business process outsourcing units to serve all their customers, across the country, or the globe. You as a service provider need to blend into the supremely networked delivery system. The backend staff at your office should be available to provide assistance to the global end-users 24/7.

Inclusion of Smart Software

Buyers will always hire firms that offer customized solutions at a low cost. To survive the competition, you need to reduce your cost. Incorporating Robotic Process Automation software in your solutions provides a platform that handles tedious low-skill-decision-making that clerks handled traditionally. This will save your cost of hiring real persons for the job, yet deliver the results.

Public Sector Clients

Public sector reforms are catching up. With rapid changes, the public enterprises will require services of outsourcing services India.

Regional Service Providers

There is a spurt in the growth of regional service providers. These firms are offering stiff competition to the outsourcing services in India , Brazil, Philippines and other countries providing outsourcing services. Creating a specialty service, that only your company offers, can help you tide over this crisis.

Client Satisfaction

Even with the expansion of regional services, the edge that you have as an old horse in the trade puts you in an advantageous position. Continuous upgradation of the quality of services and on-time delivery is sure to retain your old clients and create a new customer base.

Survival in the system will depend on the inclusion of technological solutions in your services, and the capability to predict the demands that are going to hit the future world. Being ready with innovative solutions to the requirements will keep you afloat.

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